PCI Graphics Card

I'm looking for some advice on a graphics card purchase. My computer doesn't have an AGP slot, so it would have to be a PCI card.

Any recommendations?

Your choices are unfortunately pretty limited Pulse.

There''s the geforce4MX cards which are cut down versions of GeForce Ti cards or the Radeon 7000 series, or also Hercules Kyro and Kyro 2 cards.

Up until about a year ago I had a Hercules Kyro card that did me fine, but probably you''d be better off with a GeForce MX card, which you can pick up pretty cheaply.

Mind you when you''ve seen a friends machine running with anything upward of a Ti or Radeon card you''ll cry in your coffee at your woefully underpowered PCI card (I did!)

Thanks for the info Kegboy!

Man, I had heard rumors that there is a huge difference between PCI and AGP cards, but I held out hope that is was..well..rumors.

I bought a new 2 Gigahertz P4 Sony Vaio on clearance for a really, really good price, and didn''t think anything about the lack of an AGP slot. I didn''t really notice any problems with any of the games I was playing (Praetorians, Civ3, BF1942) but I just installed CC:Generals and I thought I was losing my eye sight. It looked like Lode Runner.