satellite radio

I dunno about you, but I love the idea of satellite radio. I haven't bought mine yet, but I'm going to. I'll most likley go with XM radio. Over 100 stations (quite a few comercial free) with digital source going from coast to coast no matter where you are.

Yeah, I don't want to pay almost $10/month, but to have that kind of selection at such a good quality sound, it's too much for me to pass on.

I'm thinking about getting the portable, that will allow me to move it from my car to home, that at least, will get the wife to go along with my plan.

Anyone out there have one? Still in its early stage (one could argue that XM:ticker XMSR won't make it) but with the birds already up in the sky, at some point, its going to become common.

I''ve been watching this closely. I''m also very interested in other people''s experience with Satellite radio.

I really want satellite radio in my car, but to get it I would have to get rid of my OEM head unit which has navigation...

Ah well, maybe my next car will have it built in.