Best Buffy Episode Ever *SPOILERS*

Holy sh*t, did you guys see that episode tonight? Best Buffy in a long time, looonng time. Spike + Faith, teh win! Xander pillow fight dream sequence! Faith vs the Vulcan! Caleb? Best Buffy villan since the Mayor. He should have been here all season. The only thing I dont like about him is that he didnt show up sooner. And XANDERS f*ckING EYE! JESUS!

That was a really good episode, and I am also really liking Caleb so far. He is funny, creepy and evil.

A few points:

- Faith smokes? Guess that could explain why her voice is so raspy these days.

- Xander: Ouch. Guess after all these years something had to happen to him.

- Molly: Damn I kinda liked her (probably mostly the accent). So many potentials to be killed off and it had to be her.

- Faith fighting Spock was just too funny. Gotta love Andrew.

I''m anticipating the last few episodes more now that Caleb is around. I was afraid it was just going to be a big fight with a bunch of those uber-vamps, this should be far more interesting and entertaining.[/i]

I have absolutely no idea what you people are talking about.

I had to download the episode last night as the local cable company that carries UPN for me was show F***ing BASEBALL!

Professional baseball can go to hell as far as I am concerned and UPN in my opinion had the worst set up for showing the buffy episodes this season, I would like to know what idiot decided it was fine to show 2 new episodes in a month and a half during the regular TV season, and to make it worse they waited till there were only 7 episodes left.

edit: God lord I forgot!

I find it hillarious Joss got two of the main actors from Firefly to do evil characters in Buffy and Angel. I agree that Caleb should have been brought into this season a bit earlier cause he looks like a great character.

Xander''s eye, good lord indeed! I am so excited!