Dear Strong Bad

Gaald and I were having a very important debate just a few moments ago. I argue that the most recent Strong Bad e-mail may very well be the best one yet, while Gaald argued that it was quite good, but Flag Day, Dragon, and English Paper are at least _as_ good. Clearly, this is an important debate. Opinions?

Flag Day and Dragon are my fav''s

I love the part about drinking a bottle of soy sauce and flying the shop ""To The MOOOOONNN!""

I would have to say that this most recent Strong Bad email certainly had the best beginning ever - the bit before the email opens - but considering the cartoon as a whole, Trogdor wins hands down.

Although watching Strong Bad fly the concession stand was truly special.

""To the mooooon!""

OMG the Japanese cartoon is a classic too!

""Japanese cartoons are wierd man. Cept for maybe the blue hair.""

Oh yeah the japanese cartoon was pretty funny too. I really don''t know if I can pick a best cartoon. I think there are soo many good one''s and they all make me laugh my ass off so that is good enough for me.

I still fire up Japanese Cartoon and Trogdor now and then, instant pop-culture classics if you aks me ""Hahaha Pom-Pom is fat, Hahaha"" I must have forgotten about the Flag-Day one though, hands down the best one I have seen yet

Any musical one kills me, like Flag Day, Techno, and Guitar. English Paper is brilliant. Dragon is classic. But Fingers is my sleeper hit.

WTF is Strong Bad? You mean that thing singing about the flag and population tire someone referenced in the forum a few weeks back? What are you guys smoking? Send some my way.

Flag Day is pretty great but Elysium gets pissy if I start singing it on Gamevoice.

Come toooooooo the place where the tropical breezes blow!

Oh man, this last episode had me in tears. These guys are truly awesome.

Thanks for the link Sway... 69 episodes later...

Whew! Good stuff. I enjoyed them all and really dig all the little ""extras"" you can click on. Flag Day, Dragon, English Paper and Personal Favorites are pretty good. But I''d have to say that my favorite is:

Duck Pond

I couldn''t stop laughing. ""Wow. You''re right Ron. This is the greatest thing in the world. I mean, it''s like I''m right there... at the pond. Come here duckie!""

So who has the best AWEXOME CROSS 98 score?

I should watch these more just so I can understand half the jokes around here. I only found out yesterday that the universal traffic signal of Los Angeles is the car horn.

The extras for the 50 emails one is awesome.

its strong bad and the cheat in like the 1920''s. they are communicating via telegraph instead of email. ROFL!

Dont forget about the action figures one.

And yes all the ones with singing are awesome. Techno especially.

I went through the whole list the other night and I was in stiches. My neighbors were prolly wonderign what the hell was wrong with me, hearing roaring laughter every 5 minutes for like an hour.

Sorry guys but Guitar, Dragon (hahaha Trogdor strikes again!) Japanese cartoon and Flag Day are the Best!

Guitar wins it for me by the fact that I also play guitar!