So, I've been totally sprung on Iron Maiden lately...

For some damn reason, about a week ago, I decided to throw my Piece of Mind cd into cd player for a spin and have not been able to stop listening to these guys all week. Ive gone through my collection a couple of times and was even inspired to go out in buy my first new Iron Maiden cd in like 10 years.

Brave New World is the first Iron Maiden I've bought since No Prayer for the Dying which I thought sucked, so I was a bit sceptical that all new Maiden would suck. To my happy suprise it's actually a pretty good cd. Not as good as the older classics IMHO, but still damn solid if you're a Maiden fan.

It's funny how much these guys have not changed their formula over the years and yet still sound so good. Goes to show you don't always have to evolve to make good music. Some times a tried and true formula is all it takes.

Anyone else around here a fan? These guys are one of my favorite 80's metal bands. They're Powerslave tour the first concert I ever went to. Damn that was a long time ago.

I had several of their Eddie posters on my wall as a sullen and pointlessly angry teenager. Mostly I just did that to keep adults from wanting to enter my room without a search warrant and a Haz-Mat team.

I was a punk-rat skateborder in school. IM was on the fringe for me, though I still listen to Powerslave (""Two minutes to miiiiiiiiiiiiidniiiiiight""). I agree though, they seemed to have stayed with their roots, and certainly no long-haired glam metal.

Of course, they never held a candle to Suicidial Tendencies, Black Flag (w/ Henry Rollins), Circle Jerks, JFA (Jodie Foster''s Army), and of course, Butthole Surfers.

I used to be a huge fan but after Bruce Dickinson left I stopped listening. I have to say however that their more recent stuff has seen them back on form again,although I now feel like I shouldn''t be listening as I''m over thirty and should be into ""easy listening"" or some other thirty-something stuff!

Of course, they never held a candle to Suicidial Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies kicked ass!!