Whats wrong with people

"Drunkagain" wrote:

I knew there was a reason I don''t like rap!


Crazy stupid people unspeakable acts with weird pretexts like this, sadly, all the time. I don''t like wrap either but I don''t think it''s really fair to take the associating between the crime and the type of music to seriously. This person probable would of done the same thing for some other reason anyway.

I, too, don''t care for rap, much in the same way that I don''t care for the Ebola virus or Andrew Lloyd Weber. But I really wouldn''t characterize this as related in any way to his being a rapper, anymore than I''d characterize school shootings as being related to the kids being gamers. Like Griffon said, he''d have probably found some excuse to do this anyway.

Sigh...this is going to bring in yet another wave of anti-rap hysteria, with ignorant rich politicians asking if anyone has thought of the children, while they try to pass more censorship laws. For the record, I don''t much like rap either, but this idiot could have been a pool cleaner and he would have done the same sort of thing eventually.

Oh I know this dosen''t represent the rap genre. I was just being facetious.

Incredible how f*cking sick and stupid people can be though.

Well, that is what the victim''s family were saying. It''s just the begining of some legal wrangling. Its still sick, but you want to build a big as case as possible and tying the rap record label into it does just that.

I''m not saying its not what really happened, just seems to me, one always tries to blow it up as much as possible.
This past weekend, we had someone shot at a rap concert here in town.

Makes you wonder what a good solid education for everyone would do to the rap industry. Also makes you wonder how anyone would think that kind of culture is ''cool''. Though, if I had to guess, if you have nothing and violence is an accepted aspect of social culture, then you become violent.