So, I'm currently pondering getting a digicam for obvious reasons. Now since it's not supposed to be for professional purpose I guess some cams for $160-180 should do the job. Currently they've lowered the price of the Nikon Coolpix 2000 ($190) and the SiPix 3300 ($170) in a store nearby. Already checked some reviews on the 'net (via google). Is there any special site you'd recommend for that purpose? (like featuring extensive reviews and on-spot ratings.) Or maybe some digicam recommendations? (Resolution should be 2,000,000 or higher. Tiny cam-size would be preferred.)

Damn I should start pondering on the topic of Digicams soon too as I am really in need of my own camera to record all the crazy things that will be happening in my dorm room good luck with your search JD.

I just picked up a Sony DSC-P7 3.2. I have to say I have been very impressed with it. It blows away my old Cammedia D-150 1.3 camera (I now use that in case as my Dive camera but I want to get a case for the sony BADLY). I picked mine up pretty cheap but they normally are more around 300 or so. A couple things that really impress me about it

1. Clarity of the pictures and sharpness in all lighting and mixed light conditions is great. I''m an awful photographer but this camera manages to get really nice shots despite my best efforts to wreck them.
2. Long battery life, the battery is rechargeable and the camera does a good job of telling you how many operating minutes you have left, with the LCD on I get about 60 minutes run time on the camera. My old camera I get barely 30 minutes with the LCD on (2AA''s... pain in the ass when diving I always run out of juice at the wrong time).
3. A dive case and strobe is available at pretty reasonable prices, not something everyone would care about.
4. Fast write speed, this writes pictures and allows for really fast click click click type shooting, even the flash recharges pretty fast.

1. I don''t like where the normal viewfinder is. Dead center of the camera, so the left side of the unit hits the bridge of my nose. Doesn''t really matter I use the LCD for everything these days.
2. Come with a crappy 16 meg sony memory stick. I got a 128 after market memory stick from Amazon for 50bucks so that took care of that problem but still for the price of the camera I thought that was a week amount of memory to ship with.
3. Proprietary memory, sorta (see above).
4. Doesn''t charge off of the USB port, has a separate cable. Bad design IMO but not uncommon, both would be ideal.
5. Little odd shaped, it''s a good form factor but it takes a bit of getting used to handling the shape.

Pretty much all I can think of off hand, I tried a bunch of cameras out before turning over a rock and getting this on the cheap, but I recommend taking a look at the Sony P whatever series I have been really happy with it.

"JD" wrote:

So, I''m currently pondering getting a digicam for obvious reasons.



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Here is what I would get in your specs (slightly higher price though)

The Cannon Powershot S200

2 megapixel and small.
My friend has one and it is great.
I actually recommended the next model up (3 megapixel) to my parents and sister and they both bought one and are happy with it.

The above site is really good for reviews.

You will probably want to get some extra memory for it as well.
Don''t go too big with the memory card, as you will probably run out of battery before you run out of room, depending on LCD use etc.
64Mb is a good starting spot (43 or so shots)

I don''t like Sony because of the Memory stick.
I like to stick to products that use standards that work across as many manufacturers as possible.
That way, when you upgrade to a new device, you might be able to use the old memory card.

Also, with small cameras, you will have some limitations with the built in flash, don''t expect to light up a whole room.