Why? Of all times why?

Rat Boy decides to throw a barbeque with the Rat Family out of town. Rat Boy gets all of his Rat Friends from the Rat High together for the first time in almost five years. Rat Boy doesn't mind that it rained almost all day. Then, with only ten minutes until the Rat BBQ starts, the Rat Dog barfs all over the Rat Carpet (for the first time in 6 months) which looked like partially digested mustard. Naturally, Rat Boy is flustered, but fortunately cleaned everything up so he wouldn't have to refrain from shaking people's hands because he has puke on it.

I never realized Rats led such rich, fulfilling lives.

Shouldn''t have ate that Rat burger!



Puke! Didn''t you read the post?

I love the word ''barfed'', only hear it once or twice a year as such slang normally isn''t used in the ''proper'' English you tend to hear in Europe. Cracks me up every time, as does most of the more obscure lingo some of you guys tend to weild