Ending the Matrix: Pure Speculations

Ok. The new trailer is out to tickle our fancy. I have always wondered what key roles characters introduced in the first movie may have in the over all plot. Based on a few snippets I've seen in the new trailer, I think I know how its going to all end.

Anyone familiar with the bambooshka doll? Its a toy that looks like a fat bowling pin with a smiling lady painted on front. It is split on the horizontal axis and upon seperating the top from bottom half you find inside another smaller fat bowling pin with a smiling lady painted on it. You can repeat this step a number of times each with a smaller toy inside.

Why do I bring up the bambooshka doll? Well because that is the Matrix. The Matrix is the first layer of the bambooshka doll, and the "real world" is the next toy underneath the Matrix. Once we get past the "real world" layer what do we find?

The Oracle. The Oracle is the ultimate goal at the end of the bambooshka doll. She is the only sentient being left. The war that raged on between mankind and the machines completely annihilated every one save the Oracle.

The Oracle was one of the machines that was fond of or intrigued by the human race. So she is recreating history in a simulation that shows us at our finest in our most desperate struggle for survival. A struggle we ultimately lost. Even in our darkest hour we still had hope, a very puzzling and powerful feeling to a reflective AI such as the Oracle. Remember Agent Smiths words regarding the first Matrix being a utopia and a complete failure. He also mentioned that humans define themselves through misery.

By recreating the war which doomed us, our last ditch effort for freedom, the Oracle remembers us at our best. You notice how all the actions portraying our darkside (maltreating and abusing the machines) are left to backstory.


Now that would be a GREAT ending.

And if it somehow happens to be the actual ending, I will hunt you and kill you for spoiling the movie

Dang! Better start running...

Considering that the whole Matrix was visual rush with surprise type story. It could be might as well be as "fangblackbone" said...
However it could be cool if like earlier mentioned that there were more then one attempt to make Matrix (ref.: Agent Smith). What if there is multi-dimensional matrix. I mean how they know that what they think is real and not another matrix (similar to idea of the 13th floor movie)! Still I would stop speculating now and just wait a month!

Heh either of you know where to get a bulletproof vest?

If you would permit me, I''d like to share some other thoughts I''ve had.

I have also thought that the machines way of life is dying. AI was able to replicate mankind''s intelligence but not able to perfect its ability to adapt to nature and survive catastrophic events. Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanos wreak havoc on the machines.

In this instance, the Oracle is the last machine alive. She is powered by the last of humankind attached to the Matrix. She is teaching the remnants of mankind about the war between man and machine and preparing them. She is going to give the ultimate gift by using the Matrix as an instruction tool and sacrificing herself when she releases mankind (her power source) from the Matrix.

Think of the last line of the Matrix...

Neo says,"" I know youre out there. I know youre scared. I''m going to show them something you dont want them to see. I''m going to show them a world without rules or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there, I leave up to you.""

The last line of the Matrix: Revelations could go like this...

The Oracle says, ""I know your scared. I''m going to show you something you have wanted to see. I''m going to show you a world without rules or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where you go from there, I leave up to you.""

I would not open your mail box! Because your bulletproof vest isn''t going to help...

However on a serious note... Fangblackbone what you said is some what scary because it fits into the plot so well... nice one! ...but if it will turn out this way i would take my first coment serious if i were you!

[... just kidding! ]

I posted this theory over at EA but here is is again: I figure that Neo is going to become a Christ-like figure within the Matrix and spark a massive war between the populace; between the ""believers"" and the ""non-believers""(You know, what if someone turned up in our cities spouting a new kind of theology AND the ability to perform real out and out miracles? How would you really react? How would the world react as a whole?) .
Interesting theory Fang, but there''s a few things that I''m not sure stand up. Do you really think the 90''s is presented as the pinnacle of humanity in the film? In the scene where Neo arrives late for work at ""Metacortex"", his boss delivers a monologue about being a cog in a machine. While it''s obviously an analogy for the matrix itself, I think the Wachowski''s (sp?) chose this time period because that''s how a lot of people feel about the world today. We''re supposed to relate to the fact the world Neo lives in is a hellish prison, but is actually exactly the same as the world we live in.
Also, if the oracle is ultimately behind it all why is she helping the rebellion and at the same time trying to wipe them out? Why is she dissolving dead people to feed to lickle cutey babies and at the same time be so darn nice?
I don''t doubt that the oracle plays a pivotal role in the end though, I just hope they got enough footage shot before she died....

Do you really think the 90''s is presented as the pinnacle of humanity in the film?

I think it is. I think its a conflict between perceived and actual. The human race wants to believe paradise is a eutopia as was the first Matrix. However, the reality is that the human race rejected eutopia and as Agent Smith noted, the 90''s was the sweet spot. It had just enough marvel and progress to inspire, just enough misery for the humans to motivate and define themselves. Honestly, I believe we live in a moderated eutopia at least in the US. Moderated by human nature.

if the oracle is ultimately behind it all why is she helping the rebellion and at the same time trying to wipe them out?

She''s not. In the first theory everyone is dead, humans and machines. She is rerunning a simulation of the humans last stand. We ultimately failed, but the unity and courage are remarkable. People can congregate to do extremely bad things but they also can show intoxicating warmth. That is what the Oracle wants to remember.

The issue about feeding the dead to the newborns can be solved also. I think either a) its Morpheus propoganda or b) the Oracle may or may not feel guilty about it, but its necessary for the machines survival.

Here''s my theory: this will all come down to Smith, for he is the One for the machines.

As for the Matrix being soley based on the ''90s: that image of George W. Bush during the Architect sequence implies that the city in the Matrix is based on an amalgamation of human history, circa the turn of the 21st Century.

The Architect (devil) understands that it can never *fully* understand mankind because of its ability to choose. Remember, choice was a big thing at the end of matrix 2. The Orcle (God) was orignally made to come up with an answer to that, but had long ago parted ways with the matrix and instead embraces the concept of choice. Now Neo (the Savior) is the answer but has to balance the disbelivers among him (military at Zion) with the believers.

The fact he was able to stop those machines outside the matrix, proper, leads me to belive there is a force (choice? Ultimate spirit of humanity?) within him that will conquer the age old issue that the Architect has run up against. My hope is somehow, there will still be doubt with the unbelivers which will leave open the possibility that mankind will again make the fundemental mistakes that caused the rise of machines in the first place.

Taken straight out of the bible eh?

There is one thing that makes you think that the Oracle and the Architect aren''t on the same page is that the Architect had a little trouble with the concept of love, while the Oracle was the one that told Trinity that she would fall in love with the One. Does this mean that the overreaching message of the movies is that love conquers all?

I still say that Smith is the key. When Smith killed Neo, Neo was reborn as the One, then Neo could do all the bullet-stopping Superman stuff. When Neo destroyed Smith, he was reborn (or rebooted) as something else, with the ability to copy himself over other programs and persons hardwired to the Matrix; he could even copy himself on a human rebel and leave the Matrix. It is also implied at the end that he had the same ability as Neo to stop the Sentinnels. Recall that he told Neo that he no longer had a purpose; he is no longer part of the cycle of the One that the Architect talked about. Perhaps the Key Maker wasn''t supposed to die. It''s Smith; while Neo may be the key to humanity''s salvation, Smith may be the key to the machines'' salvation.

"Koesj" wrote:

Taken straight out of the bible eh?

Name a good vs evil theme that wasn''t.

I do think there is spirituality in this, in fact I''m arguing thats exactly what they are trying to convey. I mean this is Plato''s allagory of the cave taken to its most whacked out level!! Reality is a dream world, and only those brave enough to understand the REAL truth (and remember, usually they only rescue children from the matrix, since most adults would go mad with the realization) and to embrace the reality is really a spirtual process.

I don''t think this is religous dogma being force feed to the audience, but I do think there is a undercurrent of man''s spiritual sence of truth.

I mean come on, Zion as the city of the free??

So I think the ending will come down to that quest of individuality...something machines would never be able to understand, but I also think there will be some questions as to how mankind can truly be free if they don''t push themselves to their ultimate level of spirit.