Angel 04/09 *Spoiler Warning*

A very Fred-erific episode tonight! Nice to see the chick who plays Jasmine doing such a bang-up job of it and I love the execution of a villain who essentially has done nothing "wrong" so far. You know, other than bringing everyone under her spell.

I avoided the "coming next week" thing after so don't spoil it!

Shhh. That's right Fred, we must not let Hoochie know you're my new girlfriend and we're going to be together forever.

Dont let Elysium know the supreme being is the first officer from ""Firefly"" either.

He might cave in and actually watch another good show.

IMHO they took too long to develop the part where Fred discovers the truth about the supreme being.

There has to be something to the smell of the flowers. It was mentioned suggestively quite a few times.


P.S. - not as much slo mo this episode

Actually Certis thinks it may have something to do with touching her blood.

I myself have no idea, maybe it his her one mindeness which was also mentioned earlier in the episode. To concentrated on getting the shirt cleaned that she couldn''t stay under Jasmine''s enchantment.

Hmmm there were a few scenes where she was franticly trying to clean the shirt while still visibly under the enchantment.

I think Jasmine''s blood is the key. The vampire attacked her, then nailed the first guy that saw her. The vampire mixed Jasmine''s blood with his.

Cue fred scrubbing Jasmine''s bloody shirt till her ""fingers bled"" mixing the blood and poof, all of a sudden Fred sees her.