Soul Calibur 2 (Cube Import)

Recently I got to play Soul Calibur 2 for Cube with a friend of mine because he imported it. It's pretty damn cool. I think the Cube version is the one to pick up just after having played with Link. They didn't make him a lame character that just looks like Link but has a generic set of moves, they actually developed him as much as other characters. He has all sorts of different swords and shields he can win, and his own exclusive, effective move set. They also incorporated him into the CG movies - pretty amazing stuff.

The control isn't all that bad. Graphically, it looks very colorful and sharp, but I doubt it keeps up with the XBox, but Link is worth it. This recommendation isn't even coming from a Zelda fan, either.

Sounds great Luda, I''ve been fighting off a constant temptation to import the Cube version myself. Not that I don''t have enough to play as it is..

Soul caliber is one of those games that not having for my xbox makes me sad.