Stupid Security Awards

Quite amusing read to be found over at PrivacyInternational where they recently handed out the latest "Stupid Security Contest" awards, honouring especially obnoxious security measures they've witnessed in the recent past.

This sure made my day,...

This had me and my work colleagues in stirches!

That''s too damned funny! Thanks JD!

Shortly after Richard Reid''s attempt to light his shoes, I boarded a flight from San Francisco to London on British Airways. Travelling alone, I was singled out by the computer for further inspection. The polite inspector informed me that he had to check my shoes for explosives. I dutifully removed them and handed them to him. He picked them up one by one and slammed them down on the floor with full force. Apparently, as they hadn''t exploded, they were not dangerous, and he handed them back to me to put back on. Let this be a warning to future terrorists. Your explosive shoes may go off in the crowded departure lounge instead of on board the plane.


Most Flagrantly Intrusive Award

Winner - Delta Terminal at JFK Airport for forcing a nursing mother to drink her own breast milk

Some of them are absolutely hilarious, but this one made me see red. Those security guards deserve a good whipping.