Saddam and Sons MAY be permanently out of business

Turn on your NBC affilliate or MSNBC. They're the only ones so far quoting an official source saying that Saddam, Qusai, and Udai Hussein may (repeat may) have been killed in an airstrike tonight. A B-1B dropped bunker buster bombs on a meeting of the Husseins and other high-level officials.

Only nbc I have is showing extra in the bay area Ratboy.

They are talking about a bunker bombing on abc

""time sensitive target"" 4 bombs dropped

Give it time, CNN only recently picked up on it and no doubt Fox News (masters of the tabloid reporting) are preparing a short segment on the life of Saddam Hussein without any confirmation whatsoever.

Serious man!

One of the Fox news guys is ""calling"" this war like its an episode of ""Worst Case Scenario"" or ""Entertainment Tonight""

Remember, Fox News is ""Fair and Balanced.""

As much as I like bashing Fox News, and I do like bashing Fox News, all the cable news channels are generally acting like idiots. I can''t say I''ve watched CNN, MSNBC, or FoxNews in well over a week. They''ve lost all credibility in their zeal (as in zealots). I still think ABC News has been pretty accurate and even handed (mainly because they don''t have to fill 24 hours of news programming with repetition and poorly though out commentary), and of course NPR, BBC Worldservice, and a variety of internet sources.

As for Saddam. I heard this three weeks ago. I''m going to wait for some kind of confirmation. Though, if true, I really won''t shed any tears for his fate.

Well, Elysium, here''s the telling part:

The strike was launched about 17 hours ago (time now 12:20 am EDT) and so far Iraqi TV hasn''t made an attempt to quell the speculation over Saddam''s condition. If you''ll recall, Iraqi TV showed the now-famous ""Saddam Tape"" only a few hours after the strike on March 20.

All I know is if its in USA Today, and its in must be true.

"Yomm" wrote:

All I know is if its in USA Today, and its in must be true. :)

no, it must also have a pie chart / bar graph, in color!