I know we have developers who read the forums here...

I have a friend who's interviewing with a developer after E3 for a job. Now this friend has never had a real interview before. What do developers look for when they are interviewing someone about a job?

The friend is code for me.

Your personality.

Your ability to communicate ideas.

Your ability to listen and take direction.

Your eagerness or spirit.

Your grasp of the fundamentals.

Good Luck!

I would assume it''s like any other interview for any other job field. A smile, a firm hand-shake and offers of casual sex should do wonders!

Seriously, I have no idea what a game developer might want in a face to face interview that any employer wouldn''t ask for. Just make sure you know your sh*t about games and show some real passion for them and I''m sure you''ll do fine.

One of the biggest things we look for is the ability to work within the already existant development group....we call it ""Asshole Screening."" Basically, if you have any weird/repulsive personality quirks, repress ''em until you''re too valuable to fire.

What position are you interviewing for? The requirements vary pretty wildly. If you don''t want to discuss it in forum, feel free to drop me a PM.

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