What are you looking for in Jedi Academy?

What would you guys most like to see in Jedi Academy?

I want to see more dismemberment as an actual part of the game. I played JKII the other day without g_saberrealisticcombat on it and it was just strange striking people down and watching the saber pass through them.

Next, I would love to see a co-op mode for multiplay. From what I've read of the missions it would make pretty good sense. If they're non-linear missions and you use the Academy as a hub, why not send out groups of jedi trainees?

Finally, bring back some of the more wicked Force powers like Force Deadly Sight or Blind. I always loved Deadly Sight, it looked you were being stung by hundreds of angry bees so we nick-named it Force Killer Bees.

Certis and Elysium will love this comment:

A better combat system for multiplayer battles where luck doesn''t determine who wins or loses in a saber duel!

Edit: good lord my grammer was terrible and I just had to correct it.

Oh Gaald! For shame.

Just one request: NO MORE JUMPING PUZZLES. Ever.

A better combat system for multiplayer battles where luck doesn''t determine who wins or loses in a saber duel!

If it was all about luck we wouldn''t have wasted you so consistently.

In my experience there is no such thing as luck.

Just one request: NO MORE JUMPING PUZZLES. Ever

Amen Luda, Those puzzles just sucked the fun right out of the game for me.

What do I want?

More Jedi Battles, Dual Sabers, Double sided Sabers.

Oh and massive Star Wars style arenas to have those Jedi Battles in.

The final battle arena was a bit bland in Outcast, I would like to see something like in the final battles in TESB & ROTJ with multiple areas and destroyable platforms and dark areas to hide in.

Plus some more dialog during the fight to really capture that feel from TESB & ROTJ.

If they could do something to make the terrain a little more affected by lightsabers to enhance things like the above, that would be great.

A battle along the lines of the arena in Episode II would also be good. Though I don''t know if the engine can handle it.

Oh and the good dismemberment style should be on by default.

Oh, I forgot the most important feature, and the only thing that should be worked on if they have limited time.

CO-OP play through the Single Player Story.

And I don''t just mean 2 players, I mean like 2 or more.

Could you imagine 16 friends vs 16 dark Jedi in a story driven environment.

You could have 2 or 3 complete 1 objective that say turns the power back on and have others ready to go at doors that are now opened as a result of that power and having multiple objectives achieved at the same time, or just having different groups in different areas kicking ass towards a common goal.

I feel a feature like that would put this game through the roof in sales.

But normal CO-OP would just be fantastic if they do it.