I am still addicted to Half Life

Okay, so I get something wrong with my windows installation that I cant run halflife. At first, I think its halflife, so I delete my halflife directory and install the, well its not from the cd. (I do own it, btw, my jackass ex-roommate took the cd and wont give it back). Turns out, it was something with windows itself, so I did a restore from my ghost image and now it works fine. So anyway, as usual for not from the cd installs, its horribly broken and wont play anything, it barely gets to the menu. You know my solution to the problem? I buy another copy from gogamer. I mean really, I didnt think peope bought halflife anymore, I assumed everyone on the planet had a copy.

Anyone still playing halflife? If so, what mod do you play, or do you just play single player over and over again the way people memorize lines from a Star Trek episode? I need to feel less humiliated, so even if you dont play halflife, pretend you just bought 5 copies.

I just bought 5 copies!

I tend to re-play it every year or so and I''ve always been surprised by how well it stands the test of time. Truly, nothing has come out since then to create a better single player FPS experience.

I''m slightly biased though, I ran a Half-Life site with a few guys before it was released so I''ve always felt like I picked a winner. I remember there was this huge ""Half-Life vs. Ritual''s Sin"" debate going before either game was released.

You''d never guess who won that one in the end

Even though I enjoyed it, I have never had any desire to go back and play through it again. This is the what I usually use to guage what I consider a classic. There are not a whole lot of games I have ever played through more than once. The ones that I have are usually my all time favorites.

I think Half-Life got a lot of things right, but to be honest, I never considered it the best of it''s generation. I personally enjoyed JediKnight and Quake 2 more myself.

Of course that''s not to say I can''t wait for HL 2.

I personally enjoyed Jedi Knight and Quake 2 more myself.

While I never got to play Quake 2 full version, the demo had co-op play which put it an inch above Jedi Knight, IMO. I played JK on my home lan quite a bit and it was a hoot! To this day, I still look for an updated version of Oasis. I know some people hated it but I felt that map had ""flow"".
I still would have loved to saber the crap out stormtroopers with a buddy or two, though!

Half-Life not being as good as those two? Well, I''m afraid I disagree. Graphics, story, replayability, multiplayer (eh... eventually), and overall gaming experience beat those two silly.

I usually get the hankering to play Half-Life and OpFor about once a year or so. Every once in a great while I''ll play Blue Shift but not as often.

"Elysium" wrote:

I just bought 5 copies!

I knew you were gonna say that!

I usually only play it for the mods though, like DoD, FLF and Natural Selection

While I know its sort of getting ridiculous now, but I still think its a little odd to knock Valve for not releasing games. They have facilitated the release of probably 5-10 great games (and a couple of classics, IMO) that you dont have to pay for. I know it seems like Valve sat on thier ass while other people did the work, but really Valve busts thier ass in supporting the mod community.

I think Half-Life got a lot of things right, but to be honest, I never considered it the best of it''s generation.

I feel the same way. People often c*ck their heads and mutter ""huh?"" when I tell them that. I got Half-Life when it came out. I played Half-Life when it came out. It still wasn''t all that amazing. It did a lot of cool things in the way of storytelling, but that doesn''t make gameplay for me. Don''t get me wrong, Half-Life was a good game; but I still enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D and NOLF thoroughly more than HL single player. For multi, I was a big Quake (and its mods) junkie well into ''98, and then I usually played Quake 2 multiplayer. Never cared about Counter-Strike.

I tend to replay Half Life every once in a while and while it''s good it''s also starting to look dated. Still a fantastic singleplayer game but I wish I could skip the first 2 or 3 levels when I play the game. I have about 4 copies for multiplayer fun. In particular Natural Selection''s getting a lot of multiplayer time. Still dying for Duke Nukem Forever as I''m hoping multiplayer will be as good as Duke3D was. (Damn thing won''t run under XP)

I still play CS .. well kinda... I only play on a 24x7 fy_iceworld server... hehe.. dunno why, it''s so smalll... but so fun.

[SiKn]cuebert is the name I play with if anyone is feeling adventurous one evening..

I think HL was one of the best FPS I''d ever play when it came out. I still think its one of the better ones, and the fact that its used to compare so many other games of the same type still, is pretty nice.

The sad thing is my multi-playing FPS of choice is still TFC (Team Fortress). I like alot of the mods but I keep coming back to the good ole'' TF.

I have about five copies of Half-Life. Why? You may ask... well I got them for free so I did bother to pass up the chance... and they are retail! Thanks to Creative! ...Labs

I also play HL single player once in a while, however to speak of replay value... its get boring after 7 or 8 time because nothing is new... It came to a point of no surprise! Oh monster... like I did not know you be there! So far the best replay value I got is from Deus Ex! It seems that every time I play it, I notice something new or that I failed to catch when playing the previous time... Still these games are the top of the line games...

Half-Life has a new patch, 19 years after launch

Valve's seminal first-person shooter Half-Life has received a new patch, nearly 19 years after its November 1998 launch.

It's nothing major, to be sure, but it fixes a few crashes the community had pointed out. That may not be much, but it just goes to show that Valve has not given up on its most well-known game despite it being old enough to legally drink in many countries.

As for the patch notes themselves, here's what we've got:

Fixed crash when entering certain malformed strings into the game console.
Fixed crash when loading a specially crafted malformed BSP file.
Fixed malformed SAV files allowing arbitrary files to be written into the game folder.
Fixed a crash when quickly changing weapons that are consumable.
Fixed crash when setting custom decals.

I'd like to know, 14 years on, if Certis still plays it every year.

Wow, blast from the past. It's usually installed on my machine and I did mess with the re-master this year so ... not quite, but it's still in the mix.

I didn't know there was remaster.

Oh wait you mean Black Mesa. I forgot about that.