Crazy Ivan rides again!

Crazy Ivan does Postal 2

Credit should go to the IGN Editor who paired that game with that reviewer.

After peeling into the IGN parking lot at about 10 in the morning (woke up early), I stumbled out of my car and directly into the women''s restroom where I promptly extinguished my cigarette in the sink and unzipped my already unzipped pants to enjoy nature''s most pleasing kind of relief.

Boy. I wish I knew Ivan Sulic! His overuse of the clever and colloquial f*** is interesting. I''d like to ask him how to pronounce that. Phasteriskasteriskasterisk, perhaps? And, if so, what exactly does that mean? I realize he''s being metaphorical, of course, indicating by his lack of convention that the game Postal 2 has done this to him. I''d argue that it only served as a traditional and recognizable launching board for his special kind of dementia.

Ah well, my hats off to Sulic I suppose. Proof the loudmouth, overdone writers like myself can find a niche.

You''re comparing your writing to the likes of his? How dare you insult yourself like that!!

That''s my job.

Agreed. Elysium, you clearly have self esteem issues. I suggest you go into counceling.

I''ll pretend I didn''t hear these comments.


Therapy ... again?!

Hey, wouldn''t it be great if Ulairi were secretly Ivan Sulic?! Hmmmm.


If Ulairi were Ivan he would be able to withstand the strain of not saying F***.

F*** me though if it didnt strike a cord when he mentioned peeing in the womens restroom. I know Ulairi''s told that whopper before on these boards.

Hmmm... rearrange the I and the A. The U is really close to a V. The R and the I right next to each other looks like an N. Drop the L and wallah! You still dont spell Ivan. Must... require... more... investigation.

I agree with fang. Ulairi is too reserved to be Ivan. Hell, Jim Carey is too reserved to be Ivan.

You guys keep reading him. He must be doing something right.

You guys keep reading him. He must be doing something right.

Rat Boy keeps reading him, I skip his articles once I realize he''s writing them. You can usually tell by the semi-coherent introduction and the lame attempts at being ""wacky""

Honestly, I don''t see why they keep him on. If you''re going to write in that style you have to be really good at it or it never works. Funny isn''t something you can do half-way.