Hmm this does not sound good...

basically it is saying that Sahhaf announced they will resort to unconventional methods in the war, thogh no WMDs. Additionally he claims that several troops of the allied forces have been isolated. Even if the latter is a fabrication, the former statement really worries me.

The only thing I find more skeptical than what the Bush administration tells me is what the Iraqi regime tells me. I wouldn''t trust them to tell me the time of day if they had a Rolex, a sundial, and four experts in temporal physics that had travelled from the future for the express purpose of clarifying precisely what time it was. The Iraqi news conferences have served only as an entertaining exploration of political fiction.

As I said, the latter statement may very well be a fabrication. The problem I have with his first statement though is, that I have no doubt that the Iraqi soldiers would resort to guerilla tactics or even worse. In the end I hope they have their WMDs buried deep somewhere. I am not so sure they wouldn''t use them at this point facing utter defeat.

"chrisg" wrote:

In the end I hope they have their WMDs buried deep somewhere.

I hope you are right, but not for the reason (though of course a good one) you state.

My fear is that they don''t have any.

But, I''ll save the reasoning for another time....if I have to.