A great article on how we resuced the POW


It's really interesting. I really do think the Iraqi people get that we are trying to free them. Which is going to make re-building Iraq better. All people are hardwired to be free.

I''m glad that the Iraqi people, even with all the Hussein indoctrination in them, still are able to see the difference between right and wrong. Very uplifting article.

""I love America. I like America. Why, I don''t know,""

Yeah that long lasting love will help us greatly in the years it will take to rebuild Iraq.

Dont get me wrong, it was uplifting, and its great to see a man do something like that. I just thought it was a little out of place to put it up as an example of what the Iraqi people ""get"" about what were trying to do or whether or not they like it. It was a man who saw something horrible and did something about it. He is a great human being, and deserves the hero treatment hes getting. It doesn''t mean he really loves America or that anyone else in Iraq does, it just means hes a hero.

I wasn''t saying that it was uplifting that someone was helping America, it was uplifting to me that the Iraqi people can see still see the difference between right and wrong, even through Saddam''s fog of indoctrination.

I think that is what you were getting at, so I agree.