Battle Engine Aquila and Gamespy

Anyone tried this game out, lately? I just got it via Ebay for the XBox and I must say it makes it easier for me waiting on Yager :). Really nice Mech fighting there.

What striked me though: I usually look up gamerankings when I have bought a game, just to see what the average score is and what others think of it. I found there are both a PS2 and a XBox version. Now if you want take a look at this review:

And then can someone explain to me please what broken graphics mean? Also I found it funny how amatourishly the reviewer tried to make his PS2 review look different or vice versa, I can't say what he "wrote" first. Is it so hard to say "hey I tested both versions and these are the differences"?
I am not arguing about scores here. I mean in the end it comes down to taste and if a reviewer does not like a game it gets bad scores, I can accept that. What I think is unacceptable are copy and paste reviews that are completely off base when they state "facts".

I''ve got the Xbox version of this game. I also don''t know what the hell he is talking about with ""broken graphics"". They seem fine to me.

No No No

I said I wanted a Battle Angel Alita game!

Will they ever listen?