GBA with Zelda

Anyone using the GBA with Zelda? Do I need to buy a special cable to do this? If so how much is it?

I''ve played a little with the GBA and Zelda. I''ve been really impressed with how fully-featured the GBA portion of the game is. It''s no longer just a sideshow gimmick. All I needed was the GBA link cable. It''s definitely designed for two people, though. I tried to play with both alone and it just gets to be too much of a hassle checking the GBA anytime it bleeps or bloops. Tingle is actually pretty funny. He claimed he had a leg cramp before I went in to fight the last boss. However, it would take someone with serious gaming enthusiasm to play the GBA side for any real length of time. While it may be okay for the person playing the Cube to go back into the same room twenty times to investigate, it gets a little tedious for the person watching Tingle to read the same ""alert"" twenty times. It''s more than a novelty. It''s not necessary to proceed through the game. But it can be entertaining and there are definitely hidden items that only Tingle can point you to.