Oh man....

Taken from CNN.com:

Al-Sahaf, speaking mostly in English for the first time since the war began...

The minister also said that coalition forces were throwing booby traps in the form of pens and pencils into Iraqi villages and townships.

"The authority of the civil defense ... issued a warning to the civilian population not to pick up any of those pencils because they are booby traps," he said, adding that the British and American forces were "immoral mercenaries" and "war criminals" for such behavior.

"I am not talking about the American people and the British people," he said. "I am talking about those mercenaries. ... They have started throwing those pencils, but they are not pencils, they are booby traps to kill the children."

So, watch out next time you pick up good old #2.
[insert your joke here]

In other news, France has declared the written word too dangerous and banned all writing tools.

And once again they''re burning books in Germany, only now they''re also throwing in computers and Palm Pilots.