Best Flight sim Ever!

Now I'm not normally a huge fan of flight sims, but after picking up Il-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten battles on a whim at the weekend I was amazed at how good this is and how much time I dedicated to it over the weekend, especially in light of how much I disliked the demo for Il-2.

I can heartily recommend this to anyone who is interested in WW2 era flight sims.Even if like me you're crap at flying this game has all the options for simplified flying and is much more attractive and system friendly than CFS3 or any other WW2 flight sim.

This'll tide me over until Freelancer is released here.

Is it really easier? I was so terrible at the original game I stayed far, far away from the sequel. I just couldn''t get my head around it for some reason, the last flight sim I really enjoyed was 1942: Pacific Air War but I expect that one was a bit easier for bear of little brain like myself.

I don''t have a joystick (well, you know what I mean), so would it still be playable? I am the all-time-teh suk at flight sims, unless you include crashing into things, in which case, I''m da bomb.

I''m ok at those arcady flight models, but am I going to have to press like 15 buttons to take off? I hate that.

If feel that IL-2 Sturmovik is the absolte best flight sim to date. No other flight sim comes close IMHO. Haven''t picked up the add-on yet though.

Is it really easier?

It is if you turn off certain options (realistic landings etc) I like flight sims but I normally really suck at flying so it''s pretty damn good if I can fly and land without constant crashing into the airstrips.

And if you play some of the more recently-set jet sims, some aircraft can land themselves! I know for a fact that the F/A-18C/D and the E/F have ACL or Automated Carrier Landing. Handy for gettting an ""OK-3"" from the LSO every time. But I imagine aviators equate it with taking protein supplements in baseball.