Of Jedi and April Fool's.

What the hell is this code thing?

If you enter the correct code (which I did :B) you can participate in some contest and win one of 5 copies of JK2. Nothing special. One has to answer the following questions:

1) Where''s the Jedi Academy in JK2? (planet)
2) Who happened to be project leader on Dark Force?
3) Who was the female main protagonist in Mysteries of the Sith?

Of course, only in German.

Interestingly enough there''s also a second code given in the preview. However, if you enter that one you''ll get to see a message that says.

""Unfortunately Activision asked us to hold back the content we planned to post here. We hope you understand that. The editors.""

(In German again.)

Btw: Code 1 = 14229
Code 2 = 66581

After seeing this preview/interview at Gamesdomain, I gleefully retract all doubt as to whether this game is happening or not.

Gamesdomain interview

In some regards I''m a bit disappointed, sounds like they are not going to add a basic core saber fighting game but rather just add more special moves and half hearted clipping. Ah well should be a good game anyway.