Way to go Marquette!

This is the craziest tourney I have ever seen. Kansas over Arizona? Marquette over Kentucky...by 15? I'm officially gobsmacked (I think). Seeing as how I'm a Wisconsinite and UW is out, I guess Maruqette will have to be my team now. Go Golden Eagles!

Well, everybody who took the safe bet yesterday is crying now. Looks like Texas is the one to beat now.

I think that Marquette is the team to beat, Texas looked good but not that good. On the other hand, Maruqette beat the number one team in the country riding a 25 game winning streak by double digits.

And my Mom''s side of the family cries in unison. They think Kentucky will win even when they suck. I should go see if I can get a rise out of them when I see them.