Battlefield Command - OMFG...

Man, this game looks gorgeous. If you're unaware, Battlefield Command is an upcoming WWII RTS made by the same folks who created IL-2 Sturmovik. Codemasters released some screenshots today, and they look fantastic:


Personally, I want this game. I try not to have high expectations regarding games, but this one is different given the background of its development team. What do you think?

Certainly looks good and it has a lot of potential. Question is can they pull off these lofty promises.

And is just me, or is this their first game that doesn''t just center on the Eastern Front?

Holy crap, with graphics like that... how''s it going to be a RTS?

Yeah the UK PCGamer mag did a 2 or 3 apge feature on it a couple of months ago and it''s gone towards the top of my ""must buy when released (If I have the cash)"" list. I,ve been dying for a graphically good WW2 RTS. And I did love IL-2 and will be buying Forgotten Battles when it comes out here.

IRC 1C has several teams working for them, the Maddox one is only one of them. The game looks promising nonetheless, of course.