GBA games size?

I've been playing with my GBA all day. Metroid looks great. I'm curious tho - how much space does this game take?

I remember the old SNES games were touted as having 16 MB of incredible power or something like that. How big are these new GBA games? Do these tiny carts hold more information than what my good ol' Snes did? Metroid Fusion sure looks like it's at least as big as the ol' Super Metroid.

I think they do...but I really don''t know.

I''m pretty sure they at least hold 32mb.

I''m pretty sure they at least hold 32mb.

Actually, as far as I remember 32 MB ( = 256 MBit) is the maximum storage the GBA can address.

Oh thats right they played the old megabit vs megabyte in the old cartridge days. The N64 used megabyte and because they were far cheaper, everyone tried to cram as much as possible into the 8 megabyte cartridge.

GBA is 256 megabit = 32 megabyte

SNES carts were commonly 8 or 16 megabit = 1 or 2 megabyte

Wow, that''s almost depressing

Thanks for the clarification guys.