MOO3 gives me headaches...

This game throws more information and options at me than I can shake a stick at, and believe you me, I can shake sticks with the best of them. The empire management on this game is so amazingly, for lack of a better hyphenation, in-depth; you can literally spend 20 minutes on one turn once you really get going. If the space and ground combat didn't suck so royally, I would give this game a 9 out of 10. But, seeing as how shiny things and flashy animations are very important for my overall gaming experience (I'm a very aesthetic person, sue me), I'm going to give it a great-but-not-perfect 8 out of 10.

Never picked this up. I get headaches all by myself these days (or occasionally with help). It just looked too convoluted to me, and the last game I tried like that - Hearts of Iron - made me generally avoid my computer. Eventually I just pretended like I''d never bought the game, and when the cd case ''accidentally'' fell behind my computer desk ... well it''s still down there.

A game I haven''t talked up much on the front page, but which does deserve a healthy serving of cheese-fried kudos is Praetorians. Outstanding, though occasionally difficult, strategy game.

I would appreciate an opinion from someone who played Rebellion(from LucasArts) and enjoyed it, and what they think of MOO3.

I know most gamers are scared of spreadsheet simulations, but a dark part of me enjoys the complexity, as long as it''s relatively fun.


You know. I hate to admit it, but I kinda liked Rebellion.

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Rebellion is like MOO3 for kindergarten. Seriously, with Rebellion you can let the computer do most of the work. But, in MOO3, you must constnatly keep track of all aspects of your planet''s economy, technologies, the newest ship upgrades. Also, in Rebellion you only had to deal with one computer oponent at a time, in MOO3 you can have as many as 16, and on the higher levels they are tough.

I''ve not touched MOO3, but I absolutely loved Rebellion. I still play it on occasion.

Loved Rebellion and still play occasionally but I''ve avoided MOO3 as I haven''t heard people here (or too many other places for that matter) singing it''s praises!

Bottom line : If you like a strategy that actually challenges you, and battle graphics aren''t too important, by all means pick this title up. The replay value is through the roof (way more than Rebellion).