The weirdest game article I've ever read: the sequel


Does this guy hang from the ceiling with his feet when he writes?

I don''t even need to click on that link to know you''re talking about our good pal Ivan. I have no idea whay they keep him on, his ""jokes"" are awful and not in an entertaining way.

Um, this game does not sound fun at all.

Aliens in the Star Trek universe with Picard and .... Tuvok?

The author is not going to tell you anything about the game other than the styles of missions you''ll face in the order you face them and when to expect a boss attack.

The best orange juice he''s ever had?

I''m a goofy bastard. I have a bizarre writing style, make no doubt about that.

This guy... I dunno. You know how Tycho from will write in a really tangent-laden style? Well, it''s like this guy tries to emulate Tycho''s style but comes off as mentally deficient. Tycho''s style will really piss me off sometimes but at least he never sounds like one of those damn Jackovasaurs from South Park.

Edit:My previous example was just a placeholder until I found the name of the Jackovasaurs.

I can''t stand it when writers have that kind of sweeping tangential style. It''s just unreadable...


why''re you looking at me like that?

My god, he managed to get a point across in one sentence!

Who are you and what have you done with our Elysium??

Gabe and Tycho are both excellent characters in the comic. I do much prefer Gabe''s writings if its going to be longer than 1 paragraph. Tycho is definitely very quotable though.

Gabe has his moments, though.

I really enjoy Tycho''s writing style, as long as hes writing about something I care about, which is probably true for most writers. Gabe comes off as a much more solid, down to earth kind of conversation, and its pretty enjoyable. Tycho though, sometimes like you say he''s very quoteable. I enjoy his writing more because everything is the end of the world, or completely inconsequential. Trying to fit everything into those two categories can be very entertaining.

Penny Arcade just rocks as a whole. I really like Tycho''s writings; they remind me a lot of my own, except he is better at it. Gabe, while not as articulate, can be equally entertaining with his writing - although he has a tendency to ramble on subjects I really don''t care about. Great site.