Great episode tonight!

I think they purposefully blah you along. Most of the episode's major plotline surrounding electragirl and Gunn was adequately entertaining.

A little drama symbolizing the episode:

husband - "Gunn got some airtime tonight. and with a cutie too."

wife - "Thats nice dear."

----cue credits rolling in 5, 4, 3, 2... ----

wife - " she's not gonna..."

husband and wife in unison - "OMG!"

I know not what you speak of, but I am intrigued...


You know what? Im sorry. If you didnt watch the episode or follow the series at all, my post is totally misleading.

I was alluding to the fact that it is common practice in this show to air 4-5 shows in a row laying out a major plotline.

Then they lighten it up with an episode that puts a supporting cast member in the lime light. They drone some elements of the major plotline in the background but you dont think anything of it.

When the side story ends, they decide to tease you with a closing shot of a couple key players in the major plotline. Then *BAM* its time to wake up the audience with a stunning twist of the major plotline in the closing seconds of the episode.

The setup is really good. Makes you wonder whether the whole episode was concocted as a ploy just to set up the audience.

Stop posting! stop posting! I''m about two months behind here in the UK and don''t want to know!

WooHoo! Buffy + Angel night tonight here in the UK!

So I thought I would move the Angel post on the website back over to here.

I have really enjoyed this season of Angel. After watching the last couple of episodes Certis, Hoochie and I were talking about the use of slow motion this season. It seems Certis and Hoochie believe it is a bit much. I on the other hand don''t mind it at all. In fact I would rather the slow motion than fast action cuts, you know, the kind you see in most craptacular action flicks these days. The cuts are fast and furious to hide all the crappy coreography and by the end you have no idea what happened except for the last blow which they usually slow down or repeat three times.

I personally think the slow motion so far has added more weight to some of the moments and a dream like quality which I like. God forbid this whole season turns into one big dream however.

What do you guys think? Too much slow motion? Too little or just right?

Remember when I said I liked that shot of Wesley with dual guns blazing in slow mo emptying clips into the beast?

Well they had another scene like it tonight and while not bad, I instantly recognized it and made a mental note, ""I''ve seen this before."" This alludes to the slo mo issue Hoochie and Certis mentioned. As long as it doesnt get too repetative (this scene did have different results) I dont have a problem with it. I hope they mix it up more in future episodes (the shot was same angle, same character going same direction, same length, same framing). They can do so many things (longshot instead of medium shot, pan from behind the actor, do an extreme close up on the actors face between the 2 guns, etc.) Other than that I had no problems with the cinematography.

As a matter of fact the shot straight out of a villain in a horror movie when Angel appears to confront Cordy was great! Its the one where you see a depth of field blurred Cordy on the floor center frame with Angel''s shoulder, arm and sword hilt becoming visible entering screen left. He says something like, ""I cant let you do that."" I call it a horror shot because its like the camera is stalking the victim that passes in front with his/her back facing us (Cordy helpless on the floor). Cue the violin screach a half second later when the killer (our hero Angel here) approaches the victim from behind camera and the audience jumps.