Zelda Rocks

Played Zelda:Wind Waker till 5 in the morning. I had the same feeling that I experienced when I first played Chrono Trigger, FF VI, FF VII, Link to the Past in their times, a feeling that was lost on me at least for a couple years. Glad it's back =]

It''s great. The last game that did this to me was ED.

"Ulairi" wrote:

It''s great. The last game that did this to me was ED.

Erectile Dysfunction?


After four hours of Zelda I can say it''s a must buy if you love games at all. Really, really great.

One of these days I''m going to buy a modern console. I haven''t bought one since I got a Playstation. Right now, I''m torn between an X-Box or the Gamecube, but from what I''ve heard about this game, I may just have to go GC.

I envy the rest of you, but I must have a brain malfunction or something. I feel deprived that what everyone else thinks is so amazing and magical is just so pointless and ho-hum boring to me. Funny thing is, I think this game has some of the most crisp, colorful graphics I''ve ever seen... but the proof is in the pudding, and I''m not fond of Zelda''s.

Back to Auto Modellista and Xenosaga.

Glad its working out for everyone. I can''t see myself getting a cube just to play it though. I know it''ll never be ported over to the X-box, so I''ll have to write it off.

How can anyone own just one console? That must be really tough on your gaming habbit.

Im enjoying the game so far, although I am really tired of cell shading in games. The game looks good, but really enough with the cartoon look already. I also happen to think as far as cell shading goes Sly Cooper looks a bit better.

How can anyone own just one console? That must be really tough on your gaming habbit.

You''re damn right it is.
But anytime I want to buy a Game I have to think up some sort of cunning plot to explain to my girlfriend where the game came from whilst also trying to play down how much money it costs.
""A friend bought it and I''m just borrowing it""
""I''ve just hired it for a couple of nights""
""It was a Budget release, Honest!""
""it''s not a new game, you just haven''t see me play it in a while""
And so on and so forth.
I have a PS2 but I can''t justify the cost of console titles which are at least £10-£15 more expensive than PC titles. That''s why I only own about 5 PS2 titles.

It''s just too expensive while my girlfriend still at University (and I''m paying) for me to buy another console.

4 hours in and so far so good. It definitely feels like an upgraded Ocarina of Time. It has similar game mechanics, similar music, similar sound effects, but they''re all just that much more polished. I eventually stopped playing last night around 10 so I could eat the dinner I had forsaken.

Love it! Only just got off the first island, but I can tell this game is going to kep me up playing all night. I even took Friday off. Sad, I know, but it''s Zelda damnit!

I''ve got to say the damn camera control feel totally backwards to me though. I''m really haveing a tough time adjusting to it. Hopefully it will start to feel more natural.