The Iraqi's are rising up...

I just saw on Sky News that the Iraqi's are rising up and fighting back in that port city (the 2nd largest city in Iraq). This is going to help the PR of the allies. I'm glad the Iraqi's are going to be freed.

The BBC has more information on this as well.

some information on Der Spiegel

The have no confirmation so far though and thus present this as rumor. Additionally they report about rumors that Umm Kasr is finally in the hands of the Brits. Fingers crossed this turns out to be true so they can finally unload food and water to the cvilians in the region.

Yup looks like what we all hoped is happening and it seems that the Iraqi''s firing mortars on their own people has revealed their positions and is allowing us to fire on them.

I dont know whether to cheer or become upset.

We all suspected Iraqi''s would fire on their own people. It doesnt lessen the sting one bit upon hearing confirmation.

it turns out there is no real uprising but there were small areas of unrest.

Several stations are now reporting that the streets are quiet again. I guess we cheered too early :(.