Or I should say HOW do I find these boards?

I want to run my own board so these **** friends of mine will stop emailing me...

STUPID question...

How do I get this up and going? I downloaded whatever it is I downloaded, do I need to like freakin know C++ or some sh*t like that?

I just need to get a board up for me and my friends.


Hey dude, i don''t know if this is for me, I''m too stupid to start coding in SQL. Any other boards out there that I can just throw up?
Or for that matter are there any sites that I can goto that have boards there already and I can pay for them or whatever>?

You can try EZBoard ... as much as I don''t like them.

To set up your own boards, you need a web server (apache is my favorite), Perl, SQL, and of course the front end (phpBB or Invision Board, etc).

Throw it all together and blamo, forums.

Of course it is more complicated than that, but it is good fun. I have my own board and PN site. I don''t update the site, but my friends use my Invision Board... but they wouldn''t take to the PN site with the integrated phpBB ... bastards

Yeah you need a webserver, and some sort of place to host it (broadband or paid). Like cuebert said, ezboards if you dont want to do anything but click, but be warned, every time you visit that page, theyll try to install spyware and have a sh*tload of popups.

heh phpbb boards do not require you to code or script anything (thank god). If your web-host gives you db space all you need to do is find out what the server names (if they use plex or whatever it''s just your [email protected]), setup the server account, upload the scripts, and files, point your web browser at them and you are pretty much done (well sans customization). It''s a tiny bit more work then setting up sleazy boards or some such but you control it, and it''s not full of adds and annoyances for your users. If you don''t have a real web-host, or only some crappy extension hosting like earthlink or something then you are pretty much SOL for anything beyond basic html.

phpbb is really easy to set up, and if you get an account with WorldWebHosters for as little as 99 cents a month, you''re in business. No, I don''t work for them, but have several sites run on their servers and am very satisfied - especially considering the price.

If you have a webhost that allows you to install CGI scripts and has Perl 5 installed (Practically any decent webhost), you must look into YaBB(Yet another bulletin Board). It''s an Open source board that''s free to download. No ads, you can customize it as you wish. Doesn''t need programming knowledge, just knowing how to deal with CGI scripts and install them on your webhost.

It''s an excellent (free!) solution. On the official website you can see how the board works. It''s given me no problems at all(besides the usual hair pulling install, but it was easier than others I''ve tried, not as easy as the ones you have to pay for like UBB).

Just do a search on google for YaBB.

You guys rock, thxs...