Terrorist attack on camp of 101st Airborne

CNN and MSNBC are reporting that intruders snuck into the camp used by the 101st Airborne and lobbed grenades in an attempt to assassinate the leadership of the 101st. At least 10 injured, 6 seriously. Gun fire was also heard, more as it develops.

Update. The terrorists were part of the translation detail assigned to the 101st and had permission to wander about the camp named ""Camp Pennsylvania.""

Update: translators cleared of suspcision for now. Search centering on missing US soldier.

Update: Soldier has been found and is being looked at, he was in a trench near by wounded.

All that is confirmed about the suspect is that he was an engineer. Everything else is just a rumor.

Update: a second, repeat 2nd, US soldier has been detained.

You don''t need to repeat things that are in written text :p