No Mechwarrior 5

From Bluesnews

Reinvent? Are they going to turn it into a PC version of Mech Assualt?

Me not like it too much when companies start using words like Re-invent....Damnit I liked the Mechwarrior series!

You know, adding scalable energy shields might make things more appealing. At least that way, online play wouldnt remain the assualt class long range standoff that it is. Even assault mechs dont last to long (4 secs?) in these standoffs.

Light and medium mechs with top of the line shields could withstand punishment close enough to their assault kin that they could play a bigger role.

Maybe if the jump jets became like a directional short distance dodge, it would take even more skill to target critical body parts.

Mercs was great but it didnt go far enough. Imagine Mercs with the freedom and scope of Freelancer.