What happens after the war?

Obviously the US will win.

What happens after?

Do you really install a government in Iraq?

Does the US continue living in fear due to more terrorist attacks?

Economic depression?

I somehow don't see any benefits for the US or other sides.

Drinkin. Drinkin and Revenge.

Oh, you mean what is Iraq going to do?

Good topic/questions Mex.

I''ve heard that the Iraqi people are going to embrace the Allies if and when Saddam is gone. Not sure if this is going to happen, but it would be nice. I think if that were the case it would send a great message to the rest of the world and the ""new Iraqi"" gov''t will be much stronger and smoother.

If that doesn''t happen it could be a mess. I just hope all goes smoothly and we can get our troops home.

I don''t think anyone knows for sure.

Do you really install a government in Iraq?

Yes, though don''t expect us to immedieately start setting up a democratic government. At first expect to see a US military run government Though this isn''t a bad thing, nor the wrong thing to do. After we conquered Japan in WWII we did the same thing, basically the created/kept order, while infrastructure was rebuilt and preperations for a stable democratic government we''re made, and it worked there didn''t it. For those that think democracy won''t work becuase it hasn''t been tried in the middle east you''re massivly wrong. It hadn''t been tried in Japan prior to WW2 and the Kurds in northern Iraq have formed their own democratic goverment, and have been getting along quite well, though only thanks to the US/British.

Does the US continue living in fear due to more terrorist attacks?

Depends. If you live in Iowa/Idaho/etc then no. I seriously doubt you have anything to worry about. If you live in New York/Washinton DC/etc then yes. But that has already been the case anyway. This won''t change until certain fundamental things change, such as the isreali/palistinian conflict, though this is a bit of bullsh*t. Really it won''t change until the Wahabi movement has been addressed, which is happening in some places, The Balkans, Tajikstan, etc. But don''t expect any major changes for a long time.

Economic depression?

No, the Economy is already turned around, though wether it will be vibirant for a few more years is anybody''s guess, aka any change to fiscal/monetary policy doesn''t cause any real results till at leat 9-12 months at the earliest, for better or worse. If you''re talking about the stock market expect it to continue to rise for a while, mainly the last several months its'' been falling due to uncertainty more than anything else, the market really doesn''t care one way or the other it just hates the uncertainty of if/when something is going to happen. Note: Uncertainty over how long a war will last is another factor as well(ain''t free markets grand)

I somehow don''t see any benefits for the US or other sides.

I see multiple benfits, first the above uncertainness thats been affecting the stock markets. Second, we''ll be removing on of the most tyrannous regimes on the planet where there are no rights. Where if you show any dissent not only to the torture/butcher the dissenter but you then proceed to do the same with their family. Where if a few start to talk about standing up, the entire village is wiped. How can this not possibly be a benefit? Just for this alone we should be doing this, to be honest not only to Iraq but other places as well. I don''t understand while so many people would prefer to do nothing while millions are tortured/butchered around the world. Sure it might not be you or your neighbor, or you don''t like Dubya. But these really are not an excuse to sit back and let it these terrible things happen, the worst atrocities only occur when good people do nothing. Containment doesn''t work, you''ve just confined the people who are suffering, appeasement doesn''t work for you''ve just enabled the people committing the acts. But I digress. Yes there will be positive effects after the war.

Economic depression?

When talking about the stock market, one would have to assume it would go up as a result of the war. During war, the stock market usually goes up about thirty percent. However, if the war last more than 14-16 months (Not going to happen) then the market would likely slip significantly.

If we have troops in the Middle East for more than 18 months or so, you can expect the economies of military towns to slip significantly. However, if things go as expected we will be sending a large portion of our troops back in a few months.

Thanks for the replies, they sound pretty logic.
I got a question - All signs point ""Next"" to North korea. I was wondering why some of you think Iran is next? Aren''t they now like friends of the US?

Aren''t they now like friends of the US?

Uh... the government no, no no no no no. The people well yes, seeing how the majority are under the age of 30 and are constantly protesting/arguing with their own government, begging for reforms. Their regime is also nice and bloody, however the Iran secret police is no longer truested by the Clerical leaders, basically they had enough with hurting their own people. So they''ve imported Palestinian thugs to do their work for them, never a good sign for such a regime. As to why we think they may be next, hmmm could it be because we have massive troops in Iraq and troops in Afghanistan, basically they''re sandwiched by us.