FH's Children of Dune

Anybody else catch this on SciFi? I did. I really liked the Dune Mini-Series they did last year (bought the DVD too), so I had to see Children of Dune.

I liked it, lots of double cross and action (I never read the book). Good continuation of the first Mini-Series story and visual effects wise. They didn't change the look of the filming (thankfully) so that it really meshed with the Dune (the mini-series).

Yeah I had to watch the mini series, I loved the Dune books, even ejoyed the ones by his son.

I thought they did a great job with story and plot with this one. Well, except for the last episode. It seemed like they pushed real hard to get everything to wrapp up.

I felt the same way about the other sci-fi show this year, Taken.

They seem to do a great job building up to a climax, but then it all falls apart at the end with a big rush to make everything match up.

A big rush in Taken? The whole last 10 hours was the final chapter!