Tourney Time

Ok, so there's other stuff going on in the world that is vastly more important. That still doesn't, apparently, mean that March Madness is being sidelined. 64 shall enter, 1 shall win, so lets hear the predictions. Cinderella Story? Dynasty? Muscle over finesse, or points in the paint? Who've ya got in the Final Four?

My Final Four:

Texas defeats Syracuse
Kentucky defeats Kansas

And for the final game
Kentucky defeats Texas.

I think everybody''s taking the safe bet and going with Kentucky.

Tough one, but I am going with :

Kentucky over Illinois
Louisville over Xavier

And then Kentucky over Louisville (Though the upset is quite possible, the last team to beat Kentucky was Louisville)

I have Pitt over Arizona and Texas over Wake in my final 4.

And I have Pitt winning it all.

It was tough to go against Kentucky, but I think they are due for a loss.