So is everyone glued to the tele?

I know this sounds terrible but now that it's begun I can't pull myself away form the television and the news sites. I feel like some sort of pathetic ambulance chaser!

One hand on the remote, the other on the mouse & keyboard (I have big hands).

I feel like some sort of pathetic ambulance chaser!

know that feeling but it''s like a car wreck you sometimes just can''t stop yourself.

This is history, Drunkagain. You''d be strange not to want to know what is happening. Don''t let people who have this holier-than-thou attitude who are boycotting the news bother you. Everyone has a personal stake in this war. Some of us have much more personal reasons. I''m in the National Guard as an Armor crewman. You know those big ol'' M1a1 tanks sitting on the border? That''s my job.

I''m watching just on the off chance I might see some of my best friends. I know about twenty people out there, between every branch of service. If the US and Allies stay the course, some of my friends might not be coming home.

If this thing drags on, chances are good that those of us who joined in a reserve capacity years ago will be sent to the front lines. Does that bother me? No. That''s what I joined for. I decided I would fulfill my function as a citizen in the US and volunteer for state and federal service so there wouldn''t be a need for The Draft if war ever came. That was three years ago and the world was a REALLY different place, but I read Tom Clancy, man. I knew what the odds where.