Semi-OT: War Gaming

Admit it, we're all going to be looking for a way to vent our frustrations/anticipation/excitement over the looming war (Operation Iraqi Freedom) throught the very rig you happen to be reading this post from. So, what will be your game of choice?

Mine are:
Jane's F/A-18 - won't arrive by mail until tomorrow or Friday, but I downloaded an Iraq map and missions to go with it.
Command and Conquer: Generals
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
Sub Command - once I figure out how to get rid of the graphical bug
Soldier of Fortune 2 - might reinstall it if anybody I know gets a war server going

If Microprose was still alive the way they used to be 10 years ago you''d probably be playing F-15 Strike Eagle 6 and looking forward to the Gulf War 2 expansion which would be in the development as we speak.

CnC: Generals is my choice"….,

Ahh!... there is something about it, when I send those sonic planes(ref.:US) at GLA.... its magical!

Scarily enough CnC Generals at the moment (also becasue I just can''t get into WW3 black gold), If only it would be that easy in real life but as mentioned by Sway in his editorial on the main page I''m actually having a hard time paying attention to anything but the news at the moment.

Warhammer 40k. Yes, the tabletop game.