Who thinks the war will go smooth...

...or is this gonna turn into a [email protected]#k? Aside form Iraq, does anyone think that Iran or perhaps even Turkey might try and pull some bullsh*t? Just curious how everyone thinks this is going to play out.

Baghdad city may be tricky or if they use chemical weapons it may all go bad, but I think it should go as well as it can when you''re fighting in a hostile urban enviroment that the enemy knows well.

There''ll be a lot more casualties than the first war.

I think there is a chance of about the same in casualties (''91) or maybe even less. A high percentage are waiting to surrender and it is also probable they will ""kill"" a % themselves when they use chemicals.

It all comes down to the Republican Guard and how seriously they''ll fight in Baghdad. In the worst case scenario, it could end up as ugly as Mogadishu.