The poll

eh you guys know that the pull can be voted at multiple times even by registered users? probable needs a cookie or somthing...

We don''t believe in cookies, unless they''re fresh baked from the oven.

It''s not a very contentious poll, I''ll assume no one would stoop so far as to cheat on it.

Well I don''t know about that one, the results look funny if you ask me... 2,9,9,2 way to perfect....

Actually I tried to vote twice and it didn''t work. Hmm.

"Pyroman[FO" wrote:

""]Actually I tried to vote twice and it didn''t work. Hmm.

Sure it works! I just did it for a test and it worked, I apologize for that! So if you look at choice #4 - Nothing, its perfect... there should be one less because I vote twice on that! Once again sorry for that...

Okay, Certis and his simple mind might be satisfied by your multiple choice answers, but I''m listening if you happen to have any more specific responses. Are there certain types of articles you''ve enjoyed more than others? Do you like more substantive posts or do you prefer a collection of news around the web? Do you like it when we try to remain objective or is it more entertaining when we let our personal feelings get in the way?

You should try a survey rather than a poll, because like Sway said it is way to simplistic"… but I pretty much like the site

I really like the whats coming out this week article on monday (although i cant remember the title of it at the moment)

And more certis bashing, thats always good for a laugh.
Why isnt that an option in the poll?

I have to say I actually like pretty long informative articles that go into a good bit of detail, that''s part of the reson I joined this happy community is the articles are pretty substantive and there''s pretty good editorial comments too. its kinda the polar opposite of Evils site for me at the moment there''s too much 2 line fluff there at the minute.