Great bands only you seem to know about?

What the hell, another list thread.

What are some bands you think deserve recognition, but nobody else seems to know about? Here are a few of my favorites. \

Grant Lee Philips - Probably the most underappreciated guy I can think of.

Sky Cries Mary - great trippy Seattle band that dosen't sound like a Seattle band!

Juno - I just got turned onto these guys recentely. I don't know about their first cd, but A Future Lived Past Tense is fantastic.

Cat Power - I love her stuff, but I'm always hesitant to recommend her since people sem to either love her or hate her.

Lycia - My all time favorite ambient/mood band.

Anyone else?

Marvelous 3/Butch Walker - Excellent Pop Rock
Kevin Sandbloom - An excellent local artist.

Therion - really great mix of opera choirs and metal music
get ""To Mega Therion"" and you''ll see what I mean

Hellacopters - their latest album by the grace of god is a really great pop album. Check out ""By the grace of god"" from that album

The Mad Caddies.

Nightwish - highly recommended if you''re into stuff like Therion. Kinda like Within Temptation, but featuring a woman that can actually sing.

Clawfinger aren''t unpopular, but if you''re into cross-over-style music and haven''t checked them out yet, you might want to do so now.

Bands you wish you never heard of in your life:

The Streets - it''s just a guy or two talking semi-poetically over music! Since when has Shatnering a song become popular outside of the geek community?

The Streets

- they''re hugely popular in the UK and I like them, it''s pretty different.

"Veloxi" wrote:

Marvelous 3/Butch Walker - Excellent Pop Rock
Kevin Sandbloom - An excellent local artist.

I saw Marvelous 3 a few years ago when they opened for Collective Soul. They were pretty good actually.

I don''t know if I can think of bands I like that are really that obscure. Dream Theater comes to mind, but I haven''t really kept up with their newer stuff.

How about

The Coral

Dark Tranquillity

Café Tacuba

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Mano Negra

Every time I find some small unknown band and start listening to them, within a year they become freaking huge. Its really wierd. Right now there really aren''t any little bands I listen to, they all exploded to fame.

"Ulairi" wrote:

The Mad Caddies.

Ahh... the Mad Caddies Rock!

I''ll throw in..... Ween