Let's get a Freelancer server running for real!

Hi Guys!

I'm interested in seeing what the bunch of us could pull together to put up a dedicated Freelancer server running. I've tried a couple of other servers and the game can be super fun but if your best server goes down, *cough*EvilAvatar*cough*, you can be pretty well screwed.

So, my question is, what do we need to do to put a dedicated game server together?

What to do, what to do.

Your server still up Mumford?

Well, after doing some stress testing with that machine, it just wasn''t going to hold up very well. It is an old P3 500, and the CPU would get eaten up pretty quick.

I don''t have a spare computer sitting around with any kind of significant processing power, but I''ve got the bandwidth. Tell you what, I''ll get it running on my wife''s computer over the weekend. In fact I''ll start it now. Maybe I can convinc her to keep it on there.

Server: Mumfordland
Password: crapmaster

Hey mumford! Thanks for putting the server up but I couldn''t connect to it.
I got an error message that says something to the effect that the server went down as I tried to connect to it. Thanks anyhoo!

Dammit. I''m at work now and won''t be able to futz with it until I get home... maybe.

""Let''s get a Freelancer server running for real!""

Allright! Send me the game and I''ll do it!

Well, you can give mine a shot again. I didn''t switch the ports when I took off this morning.

Damn you all! I have to wait another 4 weeks! But pretty proud that I''ve so far resisted the urge to get an import copy!