Republic: The Revolution Preview at GameSpot

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This could be the most innovative game of the year, if the interface isn't clunky and the AI works well.

I''m extremely excited about this game!

I just finished watching IGN''s preview video of it, looks pretty new and dare I say, original. Consider this added closer to the top of my list of games to look out for this year.

I''m a little concerned about system performance though, maybe it was just the video capture but it seemed a bit choppy.

I have high hopes for this but...It''s been in development so long and had so much planned for it originally, I hope they have''nt had to cut back on the features. Do like the overhauled graphics.

I was reading about this game a year ago, and promised myself to forget about it for awhile. I''m very jacked up about this one.....but I felt the same way about Gangsters, and that was a micro-management nightmare.

I agree about the interface, but, if they can pull it off..?? Wow.