Enterprise to officially jump the shark on May 7

From Star Trek.com

It's a shame, really. The show had such potential but is willingly throwing it away in this sad joke of an episode.

Oh my god.

Why not just throw ""Q"" into the mix? WACKY ANTICS WILL BE HAD BY ALL!

Scott Bakula could take up the role of the Conneticut Yankee in Q''s Court!

I really wanted to like this show, I guess at some level I still do since I still occasionally fidget my way through an episode without clawing my eyes out but the fact is I can''t stand it. Everything from the theme music to the completely hollow and forced camaraderie on to the awful ongoing cheezeing around with stupid temporal discraptions episode after episode. Sad really, but I think Trek had been on a dismal tail spin since the end of Next Gen (though DS9 seemed to have really good episodes intermittently). They really are the most boring characters in any Trek show to date including the positively placid Voyager crew. I hate to think this series is going to go out with such a whimper, but I can''t believe it''s going to last long... Anyone know how well/poorly it''s actually doing in the ratings against the projections? At least they thinned out the stupid decontamination scenes (sure sure sex is all well and good but I can go rent porn if I want to watch it thanks).

Right everyone, pickup your pitchforks and gather your torches.

Time to sort these people out.

I was hoping that this series would overcome the problems that Voyager had. The last decent episodes were the last 3 seasons of Deep Space Nine.

With such a lucrative license and the ability to do anything, they have to go back and rehash storylines and themes?