We Have to Call it Freedom-Kissing now!

I find that insulting.

Hey no insult intended sorry if I did

"kegboy" wrote:
I find that insulting.

Hey no insult intended sorry if I did :(

Not from you.

The morons who are calling French Fries, Freedom Fries.

and if you found that insulting:


"Ulairi" wrote:
There never was a communist state on this planet. A communist state in an oxymoron. Communism is about abandoning the state, because there is no longer a need for a state. Russia was a dictatorship with a centrally planned economy. Communism is the non-religous paradise/utopia. It will never happen. The russians tried to build it by force, but that didn''t work.

Straw man. This has nothing to do with my post.

just setting the facts straight. The rest of my post was referring to yours though :D.

You know, sometimes I really buy the U.S./Roman Empire analogy.

Can you explain this analogy, and supporting evidence? I''ve never heard such a thing.

Not really, Luda, though I leave it to anyone else who wants to take a stab. I feel like I''ve said pretty much all that I want to say about the war, or international politics for now. That may change as the situation, but for now I''m out.