Oh where, oh where, did my PS2 adaptor go?

Hello sony, have you FORGOTTEN that you released a NETWORK card for the PS2? Where are your online games??

Anyways, this is exactly why I'm getting an Xbox in a few months. I am seeing tons of Xbox games coming out with XBOX live support, and it looks to be a MUCH better online system than what sony has in place.

Sony of course has better software titles overall, such an odd balance. MS better online games, sony better software. Hrm...

Tisk Tisk

At least nobody really notices I wasted money on a cube adapter since it''s kind of hidden in the bottom of the console.

I was so excited to get my adapter when it came out, and my FREE GAME!!

I was a Madden online nut for a while, but got tired of the wankers messing around with the views while you were trying to kick field goals, etc. so I stopped with the hope that the next online game would be much better.

I''m still waiting.

Has anyone played Tribes online for the PS2?