Planetside (or why I have hope for a massive on-line game)

Someone asked why I have hopes for Planetside, versus my deep hatred for current massive on-line games.

In short, I like the instant action (minus the travel time, but if you decide to be a pilot, then I think travel time is pretty cool, but even if you don't like flying, driving, or riding, you have the option to instantly get to a fight).
I like the varied, yet simple, skills. You get certificates, which is spent on broad ranged topics, for example, put points in to a diffrent armor class, and you have new weapons to fight with...without having to specialize in each weapon. If you don't like it, switch out, and after 24 hours, get a diffrent cert.

I *HATE* making a character, fiddling with skills, traits, and abilites, only to find it doesn't 'work' or someone has come up with the perfect template making my character a gimpy puss ball. Can you make a little tweak here or there? Oh no, its right in the trash bin with ya, hope you had fun in the time it took to make it.

Don't like waiting in line for spawns to appear. Won't happen in PS. Hate fighting the freaky man-child with hours to kill making his uber PS, he may have better armor, but if my twitching is better, he's a dead man. Plus, he may be god's gift to fragging others with a sniper rifle, but if I'm in a tank...see ya.

Player vs enviroment is ok at first, perhaps even cool, but after the 50th bullywhacker, how exciting is it? I want my target to have brains and skills. The best thing about these massive games, imho, is the guild vs guild, kingdom vs kingdom, player vs player....I want that on a massive 24/7 with varying objectives, yet each objective is somehow linked to the whole.

Griefers are $hit, I want them instantly punished, and gone from my sight. In PS, what I've seen seems ok, points are deducted for shooting your own team, as points rise, your respawns take longer and limited to further away. Plus, you can always kick someone out of your squad and limit who gets on your ride, and so on. I like friendly fire! Makes you smarter about who you shoot, so a few mistakes won't cost ya, but keep it up and your gaming ceases to be as fun.

In summary, PS offers a simple to play, challenging to plan/coordinate/impliment correctly. It offers simple options that open up a variety of play toys with the ability to switch around. It deals effectivly with griefers (though they always manage to find a way to piss me off). It'll be a diffrent game everytime you log in, and it will (hopefully?) be updated every so often with 'some' new 'stuff'.

Now, all that being said: I would have said (and sorta did) the same things about WWOLII and was disapointed. More so b/c it was total crap when it came out, but also because the learning curve was insane. I (and here's the billion dollar prayer) honestly feel that PS won't have those issues.

Does this make me a fanboi? Perhaps, but I've been waiting years for an on-line *massive* constant war game. Love my FPS'ers, and I pray this takes it to the next level.

Otherwise, its back to prayer for X-box live and Halo 2.

I only have basic info about that game. Sounds interesting so far. Are there any community pages out there so one can get more detailed info?
Other MMOGs that sound interesting but are still way off:

Citizen Zero
Charr - The Grim Fate

Are there any community pages out there so one can get more detailed info?

This pretty much has most of what you should be looking for.
I''m just hoping (despite recent screenshots that look worse than earlier screenshots) that this doesn''t go the way of Tribes 2.

Aside form the fact that the game seems to look worse every time I see it, It will take one hell of a good word of mouth to make me even consider paying for an online fps!

Yomm''s post practically made me pre-order just then. I think we''d all love a game like that. Thank you, Certis, for posting that screenie on the front page. That brought me back to reality. It looks like they''ve successfully developed Tribes 1. Not that there''s anything bad with that, specifically. It just isn''t what you''d expect if you saw any of the earlier screenshots or the Quicktime 3D views of the characters.

Well then Sway, today is your lucky day!! I have this special piece of land for you....... 8)

I said I was fanboi(ish), as I haven''t seen anything other then the screenshot''s you''ve seen, I can''t make a call.

Still, SB doesn''t look as nice, but it looks like ass anyway, so thats not fair.

Slightly off topic but this months edition of PC gamer (UK) has new screenshots from Warhammer online. This for me looks like being the best of the next gen MMORPG''s It''s not due out for another year but some of the screenshots in the mag were awesome. Very dark and atmospheric. I also like what I read about the game dynamics and how they''re trying to get rid of everquests ""spawn camping"" for items and level treadmilling pains. I just hope this doesn''t get as screwed up as a lot of other Games Workshop computer products. So much promise (I only wish it was set in the Chaos Marine universe instead...Mmmm...Powered armour...Storm bolters.....Lightning Claws!)

It looks like they''ve successfully developed Tribes 1.

And thats a bad thing?!?!

kegboy: I heard they are basing their rulesystem on Warhammer Roleplay. If they can pull it of that would make me one happy customer. I have been hoping for a Warhammer RPG computer game for years. The Warhammer world is such a rich and detailed universe, it is amazing.

The Warhammer world is such a rich and detailed universe, it is amazing.

I know, I love my lead miniatures! table top gaming kicks a**!

btw, more screenshots have been released. I think they look good. But I''m a semi-fanboi. I would post a link here, but I wouldn''t want anyone thinking I''m a fanboi.

too late ;). But post them anyway or at least a link. I really would like to see more about this game.

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