Freelancer Server Running

Greetings folks. Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided I'd run a Freelancer server on my line. So if any of you are looking for a place to go for Freelancer, stop on in. I have no plans to bring the server down, unless the situation requires it.

I'm testing it out now to see how much of a load it can carry, so I may have to tune it up.

Server: Mumfordland
Password: crapmaster

Well, I hopped on and ran a mission and everything went nicely. No enemies jumping about and no annoying PK''s running around (you know, since it was just me) so I give it a thumbs up!

Hop on the server and let Mumford know here how it went for you!

I''ve got the PvP option on right now, but that can change. If PK''rs get to be a major pain, I''ll gladly remove it.

Send any comments/questions to me: [email protected]

One more thing. I''m running this on a rather lower end computer, and I have no idea how that will impact performance. Does anyone know where I could find documentation on this sort of thing?

I''m hoping that the computer will not be an issue, but I guess we won''t know until it''s really working.

One more thing before I forget.

I''ve pulled my server out of my DMZ and opened up the ports for the Freelancer Server. I''m pretty sure it''s working correctly, but just in case, if you try/succeed to get on could you drop me a line letting me know?

Thanks a bunch.

I tried to jump on, but the server browser took forever. When it finally got to the ""M""s, I couldn''t even see Mumfords. I was too grouchy at the server browser to try again. Perhaps I''ll give it another go tonight.

Well, enough of that. I''ve tossed it into the DMZ again. This is the only bad thing about not having many friends that are gamers, I can''t call them and have them test this stuff out. One of my friends might pick up Freelancer, the rest have computers from about 5 years ago. Blah